Our Facilities

Program Philosophy

Hawaiian Traditions

At Ohana House, young men and women come to gather themselves, look inward and create life-affirming changes. In Hawaiian, Ohana means family. This definition of family describes the love, cooperation and spiritual bond not only with blood relatives, but with friends and neighbors as well. The philosophy of our program is that everyone is welcomed as extended family and treated with lots of love and laughter.

There is a tradition in Hawaiian culture where children go to live with an “Auntie” or “Uncle” to help heal family tensions during difficult times. Like the Auntie’s home, Ohana House is a safe place to let down one’s guard, look at the behaviors that do not serve one well and choose a different path. We keep things simple here, using love and laughter as tools for change.

Core Values

Three values are core to the philosophy of Ohana House: respect for self and others, honesty and integrity with one’s word, and accountability for one’s actions and how they affect others. The young men and women who come to Ohana House often arrive with deep pain, confusion, disappointments and feelings that need to be expressed. By clarifying life values through the mentoring relationship and family environment, the young adults are supported with boundaries and life philosophy that create safety, nurture self-esteem and develop sound decision-making abilities.

Living Environment

The program is located in two spacious, beautifully renovated craftsman style homes in downtown Bend, Oregon. All young adults share generous common living spaces. Part of the program philosophy includes giving back to the community by maintaining clean and welcoming homes and environment.