Ohana House is an independent-living home where young men and women ages 17to 27 build a foundation of responsibility. The program requires a plan, made in collaboration with the family, that integrates personal values and achievable goals. Within this safe, family environment, participants practice consideration of others, honesty and sound decision making skills. At Ohana House, young men and women are given the opportunity to transition to adulthood with dignity and grace.

The backbone of Ohana House is the presence of live-in mentors. Mentors are responsible for monitoring progress and inspiring introspective evaluation. Program members participate in weekly groups that encourage open communication, self-awareness and an opportunity for compassionate words of wisdom. Mentors also assist with conference calls in order to address family dynamics and provide a forum for sharing expectations and positive feedback.

We have twenty years of experience working with challenged teenagers, young adults and families. We offer consistent, attentive coaching. Our philosophy at Ohana House is that in order for young adults to find their inner goodness, respect and love for family, they need to be true to themselves and keep their word.

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